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The Jlog Summer Jamboree.

INTENSE posts everyday from July 1st through August 3rd.

Maybe even longer.

Although, may not start July 1st because I might not be near a computer for a week.


But yeah... and stuff.

How to Plan an Urkel-Themed Party

Oh? Hey. I'm back. You see, I was waiting to write back with a post of why I was gone, but let's just pretend I wasn't gone because I want to write now. Mmkay? Mmkay.

So, as you may know, the 80s and 90s sitcom Family Matters is coming to Nick at Nite starting tonight. I'm psyched, because late night sitcoms are basically what MADE my summer last year (I watched EVERY SINGLE episode of The Fresh Prince last summer, from the pilot to the series finale - Nick at Nite plays them in order, so this is how I know). I couldn't go to sleep early because it was summer and that means I had to stay up. So now I have a new show to watch!

Wait, you've never heard of Family Matters? Well, you might remember one of the characters from the show...
No, this isn't a picture of Young Andrew...

Yup, him. Steve Urkel. Played by Jaleel White (the guy who voiced Sonic the Hedgehog in the 90s), he was the annoying neighbor of the Wislow family. He originally wasn't penned as a main character, but due to fan outcry and whatnot, he ultimately took over the show. Family Matters went from a show about, well, family matters to Urkel's misadventures. It's safe to say Family Matters survived nearly 10 years because of the lamewad.

Overall, the show was good and got good ratings until it's last seasons. So, come 9:00 tonight, I celebrate by watching a marathon of family antics. But, how do you plan to do this as well?

That's why I'm here. To help plan your VERY OWN Urkel-themed party!

Step 1) Invite people! Send Invites!

You've got to let people know about you're awesome Family Matters marathon. But, you want to do it with class. Sending emails? Psssh. This is an OLD sitcom. You're sending traditional party invites.

The key is simplicity here, just to tell about the party and thats it. Draw a clever picture of Urkel saying his most well known catchphrase, and thats pretty much it. Soon, all the girls in the neighborhood will want to come. Just like the Vault thing. Just trust me, I have first-hand expierence with this stuff!

Step 2) Decorate your party-celebrating area!

Get the big screen TV out. If you don't own one, run to Best Buy AS FAST AS YOU CAN and buy one for optimal Nick at Nite viewing. Also, get a boombox to play some beats so you too can do the Urkel Dance, lay out Urkel's signature red glasses, and bring a table.

Don't forget to go to Kinkos and make a lifesize cardboard cut-out of Urkel himself. That will just add to the charm! Just make sure nobody wants to dance with him after too much liquor of the night, because you know how people get at these crazy Family Matters parties.

Step 3) Make Urkel-themed cookies!

Make sure you bake some cookies with Urkel's face on them. Go to Vons, buy some frosting tubes, sprinkles, I don't know. Be creative! You can do it. But Urkel loves cookies.


And there you go! You should ready to go party and stuff. The festivites start at 9:00 PM on Nickelodeon and last to around 5:00 AM. Just remember to sign up a designated driver if you're planning on have a couple Cold Ones.

Have fun and uhhh... leave me comments on how your party worked out for you. Yeah.


I have an announcement to make. No, I'm not getting married, but I'm pleased to announce that throughout July, I'll be throwing the... get ready for it... I hope you're sitting down... its a catchy name I totally just not think of...


Every day in July (that i'm capable of doing, somedays I just won't be near a computer), you, the viewer, will get a FULL BLOWN article. Not only a "THIS IS WUT I DID TODAYZ", no! It will be about something NEW everyday, whether it be a review, an adventure, badly drawn stick figures, or something crazy I think of. Maybe a rant or two. It'll be special, don't worry!

Okay, make sure you GET READY.

...Even if it starts late because I won't be able to write at the beginning of July anyways. Sorry =D

PS: I'm not that bad of a photoshopper. geez. it was a joke.








I neglected tonight's post.

Why? To reupdate my MySpace.

But the main reason why I ran out of all of tonight's time was trying to get my new Xbox internet router thing to work. FOR THREE WHOLE HOURS.

Oh well. Just read old posts or something, I quit...

...not really.

The Simpsons Ride! (and random Universal Studios crap)

On Thursday I got to go to Universal Studios with my camp. The day didn't start off too dandy, though... I had to get up at around 6:30 with only a few hours asleep. So actually the day started off alright, but it was the night before that messed me up.

We made really good time to the park. It took maybe an hour and a half with morning traffic. When we got there, first thing we decided to head out towards was, of course, The Simpsons Ride. Since it was new, it was probably the big ticket ride for the day. We thought smart going first, as later the camp directors had to ban the ride from the kids since it was a church camp and there were young kids and all. Honestly though, it wasn't too offensive aside from a couple Duff beer references and a 2-second picture of the devil.

Anyways, just standing outside the ride you know it's going to be intense.
It looks really complicated... and it is

I was sad at first that they were tearing down Back to the Future for something as less-symbolic as the Simpsons, but after walking just into the line, it looked more decked out and nicer. Maybe it was because Back to the Future was made in the 80's or just because the Simpsons is more colorful, but it looked way better.
Itchy and Scratchy > you

While you're waiting, flat screen TVs on the walls and ceilings would occasionally show a TV (within the TV) playing classic Simpsons clips from the actual TV show, usually theme park related (Krusty Land, Duff Gardens) and even Itchy and Scratchy shorts (which weren't the worst ones with tons of blood and guts). But the real highlight of the TVs were the small segments made specially for the ride. The animation, as with the rest of the ride excluding the ride itself, was made in the high-quality color and drawings like in the movie, not the cartoon. My favorite which I saw was basically a poke at Back to the Future, showing why Krusty Land was built where Doc Brown's lab used to be. I won't spoil it, but if you get the chance to catch it, it's hilarious, and even the actor who played Doc Brown in the movie and ride voice acted himself.

Once you move past the outdoor lines and you get inside, you have to stand in rows. The sides of the room have fake carnival game and information stands similar to the entrance, but this time in the center are screens with Simpsons characters running the stands. Every now and then the characters would do something funny and get the lines laughing. There's even more TV screens hanging from the ceilings, and while sometimes explaining to be safe and stuff while waiting, there's usually fake ads for Krusty branded products (like flavored ear-swabs!). Our line moved pretty fast, but I was able to see one short of Krusty explaining his new ride opening.

Once we got into the little room where you wait to be boarded onto the ride, I saw that they completely changed it. Before, there was a little cabinet with random things of Doc Brown... now, its just the room with a screen and some paintings on the wall made to look like a carnival or amusment park. The precaution/intro video was hilarious, though. There's actually a pretty nice plotline going involving the Simpsons, with Sideshow Bob trying to kill them again (which you catch in disguise in some of the pre-ride shows).

Once we were let in, the old DeLorean vehicles you used to board were changed to look like a rollercoaster cart, and the room looking like a loading station with signs exclaiming how much fun we're going to have and all that. It looked actually really convincing - the kids in my group were convinced the fake exit door would lead them on an actual rollercoaster (even after me telling them it wasn't a couple hundred times).

As soon as I sat down, though, I noticed something weird... there was water all over the seats and handles. I didn't want to tell the kids this to not spoil it for them, but with my crazy detective skills I figured there were some water guns by the walls, and as the ride started and raised us up, I saw them. I don't really know why I look for these things but I do...
The very first thing you see on the ride! Spoiled you.

Anyway, the whole ride show was in 3D as opposed to the 2D cartoon shows you saw while waiting in line. Again, I'm not going to spoil the ride, but some of the things your cart goes through include going down a huge rollercoaster, flying through Krusty Land rides (which include a couple obvious Disneyland knockoffs), going into space, and riding through Springfield itself.

I can say from experience that it was definitely intense.

After you leave the ride, you're led outside to find these photo booths (yes, you get a photo taken during the ride as well) that you can send to your email after paying $5, ala Astroblasters at Disneyland.

After The Simpsons Ride, all we did was eat, go on the Studio Tour (which was sad after the fire and all), ride Jurassic Park a couple times, and watch WaterWorld. We did manage to go look at the Kwik-E-Mart shop at the end of the day though, and it was filled with overpriced Simpsons crap. They were even selling Duff in the form of energy drinks! The weirdest thing I saw, though, was this huge donut (and I mean a huge donut... it had its own box and everything). Sadly, to a couple of the kids' dismay, there were no Squishee machines.

So it was pretty fun, but even today I'm still tired. And so is my wallet - I brought $15 and it only payed for a Coke, Pizza Hut pan pizza, and a water bottle. Lame. I hate theme park bigwigs.

...time to sleep.

Have you ever...

...had a time when you listen in an aim conversation and nobody thinks you're there?

It's hilarious especially when they're talking about you for almost a solid 20 minutes straight.


I Hate Can Openers with a Vengence.

So... home sick again today. My head is the only thing that's bugging me - I can't walk without getting dizzy, coughing, stuffed nose, etc. So, because I can eat fine, I was really hungry like usual.

I searched around the house for things to eat. I first went to see what we had for a sandwiches but I realized we only had bologna and cheese. Which, for the most part, is kind of unexciting. I then scoured the snacks, but I couldn't survive on only those. I wasn't looking for Hot Pockets (we only had these ones with barbeque meat, and those are nasty), and then I saw that we had cans of refried beans!

I knew in the fridge we had tortillas and cheese. So I brought up the can into the kitchen... and realized I was forgetting one vital fact.


No big deal, I thought. I thought after playing with it for a while I would get it. Well, safe to say I was wrong.

Going on for 15 minutes, I was already getting fed up. I went onto the Mac and began to search the bowels of YouTube to see if there was ANYTHING on how to open a flipping can. All I found was some crap of a guy using a knife.

Well, two of my friends tried to explain it to me, but I still could NOT get it. I didn't know what I was doing wrong, or if the can opener I was using (which was older than me probably) was messed up. But after almost an hour of fidgeting with the thing and making small holes unleashing gross bean juice, this is what I came up with...

...shut up.

So, how did I get the can open, you ask? Well, after f'ing up the can's top in every way possible, I finally made a large enough dent that I could use to my advantage and broke with the handle of the can opener. So I just stabbed it in, and after a minute the lid came off. Victory!

And you want to know how victory tastes? Exactly like a burrito, that's what.

Make that TWO burritos.

I never figured out how to open the can, though. But, I'll tell you what, those burritos were delicious.

Anyway, tomorrow I'm going back to camp just in time to catch the bus for Universal Studios!! So I may just have a review of The Simpsons Ride that just opened... that is, if I can survive the heat and break the lines. We'll just have to find out, I guess. to break this cold!

We bought an electric can opener.

My life is complete now.

Adventures to Walgreens and Burger King.

I was supposed to write about this on Sunday, but I've been slacking. So I'll just write it now (even though I'm sick)!

This weekend, my grandma decided to throw a birthday "party". She mainly just invited the family. Knowing if I were to show up, I realized the adults would only be talking the whole time. I really didn't want to go, but because I knew my cousins were coming and I could pick on them, I agreed to come.

I was there for only a couple minutes, and the only excitement I really had was locking my cousin on the balcony for maybe 10 minutes until someone let him go.
We told him there was candy on the balcony. He believed it.

After that, me and my cousin Taylor were bored. We were just kind of sitting around and after I ate a roll and my gum, she decided that we were going to go walk to the store and escape this party, because as you can tell, was getting way out of hand.

We got permission from my aunt to leave, so we did. Kyle and Hannah (the youngest) wanted to come too, but we kicked them back into the house after telling them our grandma wanted us to buy her pudding for the party (we don't really know where pudding came from, but it worked I guess). So we walked along some strange roads, and after maybe a little over a mile of taking random pictures, having guys watering plants staring at us, and passing roadkill, we found a Walgreens.
There's a TV screen over my head...

We pretty much just went inside Walgreens to take pictures and annoy strangers. We got a lot accomplished during that time, such as walking around backwards, following some lady that was caught staring at us, and even finding cheap rip-offs of vitaminwater. We even got video... but I'm waiting for SOMEONE to send it to me still.

After all of that, Taylor realized that she has never experienced drinking a Vault yet. So I reached into my pocket and realized we had $3.15 cents. We both ran over to the soda section... but found nothing. Only cheap store-brand grape sodas. I fell on the floor in dismay. But it was then what we realized what we had to do...

We had to go on a quest to find Vault.

So we quickly ran out of the store, jumped the brick wall leading to a street corner (which kind of hurt) and ran across the street awkwardly to a 76 Food Mart.

We walked in... and yet again, felt defeated.

Again we ran to the OTHER side of the road to a Shell station. We waited outside (awkwardly, of course) for the owner to open up the shop because he used to restroom or something like that. We looked at the mega-sized vitaminwaters for a few seconds... and a tear rolled down our faces as we saw nothing yet again.

Feeling like another gas station would hold Vault, she tried to convince me to go to another gas station. I felt like I had given up, and just decided to go get some crazy pictures from the distant Burger King playground. We walked over there, with Taylor running straight into the kids area. I had to get her to come back inside, seeing as the whole restaurant was staring at her because there was a huge sign saying the play area wasn't open. So we sat down, and talked about what we've done that da-


The holy grail!

That is exactly what it looks like. VAULT IN A BURGER KING SODA FOUNTAIN. Being completely honest, I flipped when I saw it. I almost screamed. We ran over there to find that it was legit. Like any Vault fan should know, it is really rare to find Vault through syrup form, let alone at all in a national chain restaurant. And I'm not going to lie. I felt like a giddy little school girl seeing Fall Out Boy in public.

Seriously. I was excited and very thankful that I had some left over money from the movies to go buy a drink.

I waited in line for a couple minutes (with Taylor filming me break dance while standing up, awkwardly of course) and when I finally got my BK cup, I was about ready to shake the cashier's hand.

So we walk over to the Vault button, and guess what happens?

Nothing comes out.

"..." we started blankly.

But! Hope was not lost! I simply waited in line AGAIN, and asked the cashier if she could go in the back to where they get the drinks for the drive-through customers and get me some Vault there. She did gladly, and we had Vault on tap at last!
It tasted even better on tap than in a can

So I guess the moral of the story is that when you go to your grandmother's birthday party, you'll find Vault at some random Burger King. Later, however, Taylor and I both got yelled at by our parents for not only missing the entire party, but forgetting to tell my dad that I was leaving in the first place.


But it was totally worth it! Here's a couple pictures from our quest...
"Networking for Women"...?

The most awkward babies' shirt ever. "What happens at Grandma's stays at Grandma's"...? That's, erm, nasty.

I heart Burger King

...I love Vault.


I'm really sorry... but I'm not going to be able to write again.

I'm sick.

And exhausted from camp.

I think i'll go to bed now if I want to have a chance of going tomorrow.


New Mountain Dew Number 3!

Okay, I have a confession. I had a huge adventure concerning Vault this weekend with my cousin, but I forgot to write about it. So its going to be a short post tonight, maybe I'll write two tomorrow.

But on Saturday BEFORE my excellent adventure, I bought the next Mountain Dew in my quest for caffeine and victory.

So, I tried Mountain Dew Voltage. Its described on the bottle as a Raspberry Citrus flavor. Upon opening it, it had a somewhat strong scent reminiscent of SuperNova and unlike Revolution. I took a drink...


It was really good! Not SuperNova great, but not Revolution mediocrity either! It was kind of like Pepsi - its not Coke, but its not RC Cola! So it comes in a close second, but my vote goes to SuperNova.

I had pictures of the bottle and stuff, but I lost them again. I need to stop losing pictures.

Thats all for today. Sorry! I have to get up early for Adventure Weeks, my summer job that has me up at the exact same time i get up for school sadly. But its cool. It'll be supercool.

...tomorrow, review and adventure!


foh evaaa

So I'm out of school for like 3 months or whatever. I start camp next week and still have to get up at around the same time if not earlier, but I guess its worth it seeing as I'll be going to the beach, some theme park, and Skating Plus every week. So I'm happy.

Also, I was supposed to get it yesterday, but just today I got my first White Gummy Bear. So how is it?

FREAKING GOOD. Me and one of my friends were just about to go see the new Hulk that didn't suck this time when we decided to just go ahead and try it now. We walked in, ordered one, and took a drink. I just stood there for a second; it was that good. I can safely say that the White Gummy Bear is not only the best smoothie at Jamba Juice, but tastes EXACTLY like a white gummy bear. EXACTLY. I don't know what they used, or how exactly white gummy bears are supposed to taste, but just trust me when I say its delicious.

Anyways, school was finished today. I'm no longer a freshman. Yesss! But, at the same time it kind of sucked because I didn't get to say goodbye to that many people today. But I forgot about it because afterwards we saw The Incredible Hulk, with along with Kung-Fu Panda and Don't Mess With the Zohan, I still need to write a stickreview to! I think I'm going to patent that word. "Stickreview".

In other news, I got the new Weezer yesterday after waiting too, too long. How is it? Well, you're going to have to wait for my review suckaaaaaaaaas.

I'm going to La Mirada this weekend, so it will be another Saturday without a blog post. Sorry.

I also think there hasn't been too many pictures in this post compared to others. Hold on... let me find some random one.-


I had a really trippy moment right now. I was listening to one of the song's from The Red Album (the new Weezer I just talked about, remember?) while I was trying to find a picture. I was just clicking the stumbleupon button to maybe find a random website, when this site came up with the top saying this:

All the world's a stage, And all the men and women merely players.

-William Shakespeare

...and right as I started reading that, the EXACT same line gets mentioned in the song.


I don't even think I need a picture anymore. I think trippy moments even out a less than colorful post.



...that is all.

*I don't have time for anything today.

Un-Classified: Jamba Juice's Secret Menu!

So, I didn't have homework tonight, but I do have French finals tomorrow that I haven't started to study for yet. I'm on the brink of a B, too. But what did I give it up for? Why, to update my blog, of course!
...I have no idea what 'Jamba' means.

Anyways, you've probably been to Jamba Juice before, I assume. They're healthy, and got some nice smoothies of the fruit. That's it right? Hahahahahaha- NO.

I'd like to point to another fine food-stuffs establishment, this way, please.

Every Californian has a special place in their heart for In-N-Out, unless of course you are the devil. They serve burgers (you wouldn't tell by just looking at the sign, huh?) with only a couple menu items - Hamburgers, Double-Doubles, Fries, drinks and shakes. That's really it. But, the most "in" people know about what lies behind that... the Secret Menu.

Although not being so secret at all anymore, if you go to your friendly neighborhood In-N-Out and ask for a 4 by 4, a Neapolitan shake, and Animal Style fries, they'll know exactly what you're talking about. A x by x (replace x's with numbers) is a hamburger with whatever number of meat by whatever number of slices of cheese you want, Neapolitan shakes are milkshakes with all three flavors, and Animal Style fries or burgers are a mixture of onions, Thousand Island dressing, and pickles.

So how does this relate to Jamba Juice? Well, I've came across their very own (and well hid) Secret Menu.
FACT: This picture was only added to make this post look pretty.

So, here's what you do. Go into a Jamba Juice on a relatively busy day, and just walk up to the counter politely and ask for a White Gummy Bear. If the people working there aren't complete idiots, they should know what you're talking about. Basically a White Gummy Bear is made to taste almost exactly like a melted white gummy bear (don't worry, they don't really use gummy bears). You can also order Strawberry Cheesecake, Peanut Butter + Jelly, Starburst, Skittles, Push-Up Pop, or even Red Gummy Bear flavors. There are a few more, but I can't really confirm if they're real or not until I try them all.

How did I learn about this? Well, actually, I heard about it on the Mega64 podcast a couple weeks back, so I started asking around and sure enough, I found that it was true. Just go in and ask, maybe surprise the crowd!

I'm going to try my first White Gummy Bear tomorrow, and I'll review it when I get back. Other than that though, tomorrow I need to study a lot, because I have an Algebra final (which I'm horrible at) and a final on Romeo and Juliet (which I'm also bad at remembering).

...Two more days of school left.

Ciabata Burger

Random title because I'm tired of saying I don't have time to make a post.

So no ciabata burgers.

Tomorrow I have my health and science finals. And my science teacher is going to yell at me when he finds out I turned in something I was totally not supposed to do and i tried scribbling it out because I highlighted it and it wouldn't fully erase.

Ouch. Right after today when he told me I should take care of my books.

Oh well. Last day in Martin's class. He's always hated me I think.

...I hate studying.


So, as of today, i've been drinking Vault for exactly 2 YEARS.

Intense, huh?

Well, sorry, finals week, can't really talk much.

Its going to be like this all week, like i said yesterday.

...I might write more tomorrow. Maybe.

Vault Floats!!

Another short post. Its going to be like this all week, as its finals.


But I'd like to tell you a story.

Yesterday, my friend Andres was over after going to the movies for like 3 hours. We were supposed to make food, but found out we didn't have any. All we had were cheese, bologna, Vault and ice cream. So what did we decide to do?


I actually took pictures of them... but I lost them. Sorry.

We just put two huge scoops of vanilla ice cream into these huge cups, and poured the Vault over them. We weren't thinking (well mostly I wasn't) and forgot to cool the soda up, so they were kind of warm and melted the ice cream pretty fast. And they left this nasty green residue crap on the sides of the cup that smelled really nasty. But other than that, they made me feel sick! But it was totally worth it.

So, in conclusion, I love Vault. Oh wait. You already knew that.


I'm Falling Asleep Right Now

So I guess I don't really want to type at all right now.

But tomorrow... I'll have a new Stickreview up. I saw two movies today.

And I have to study for finals and stuff.

...5 more school days left.

Top 9 Songs that Remind Me of Summer.

Good news is I'm not sick and got better already. Bad news is that I'm kind of in a really bad mood. I dunno... just been thinking about lame things. Maybe I'm overthinking. Who knows...

Well. I'll try to write this with a smile on my face.


So. Its almost summer, and as you can tell from pretty much every post I've ever written, I'm stoked.

Besides the fact that there's no school for almost three months, summer to me might not be what it means to you. See, around two summers ago was when I first started to actually listen to music, and was also the first summer that I wasn't forced to go to camp. So I basically sat at home and listened to music and stuff. It was great.

iTunes is probably the symbol of the season for myself. There are a couple of traditions, though, as well (first Vault two summers ago, and I started eating Dibs and bologna sandwiches almost every night :D), but not nearly as much as looking around for new sounds to listen to. So heres my list of songs from the past two summers that remind me of being lazy and hot weather...

#9) The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny - Lemon Demon

Two summers ago, I was obsessed with Newgrounds and so I automatically loved this song. A lot. So I downloaded the mp3 and listened to it all summer.

#8) Animal I Have Become - Three Days Grace

Also two summers ago, I sadly had nothing better to do than make YouTube music videos (which are taken off, thank you). This was requested. So I made the video and I guess the song stuck.

#7) Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger - Daft Punk

Last summer I was kind of getting into listening to techno. So it would be around 3:00 am, and I just decided I needed to blast some Daft Punk. It made me happy, I guess.

#6) The Final Countdown - Europe

Last summer, I also began to like 80s music. I think its safe saying this song alone started it.

#5) What I've Done - Linkin Park

My favorite band's new CD came out last summer. Of course I would have it on repeat like 9999 times in a row.

#4) What Is Love? - Haddaway

I still sing this everyday, but I started listening to it last summer. You probably know it if you've seen the Night at the Roxbury skits from SNL. Or that Pepsi commercial. Baby don't hurt me don't hurt me no more.

#3) Me Against the World - Simple Plan

So, you see me putting an emo song on the list. Well, two years ago that's what I was into. Me and my friend would listen to this song every single night on repeat. I hate Simple Plan now, but this song will have a welcome place in my soul.

#2) Black Hole Sun - Soundgarden

This song... oh Black Hole Sun. This came to be when me and one of my friends two summers ago would play this really lame game called Well of Souls, and he was sending me a bunch of random crap through AIM at the same time. This is the only one I kept, and because the song takes place in summer it makes it even better. I really love this song.

#1) Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen

Memories... geez. Last summer, I worked for Adventure Weeks, a day camp where we went on field trips places. On some of the days, the actual counselors (I was only a counselor in training, and there were junior counselors too) would let us ride in their actual vans instead of the hot, sweaty buses. So, one day we're in there and they asked us what we should listen to. One CIT asked for some Queen. And ... well, everytime we got let into the vans the first song to come on would be Bohemian Rhapsody. And everyone remembered the entire thing and would sing it on the way to whereever we were going. I mean, I bought a whole Queen CD just for this song. SSo I guess I can say I like it.

Sorry this post doesn't have the Josh flare like it usually does, like I said before I'm in a way lame mood. Oh well.

...And I still don't have my Red Album.


So I'm sick. I think its because I ate probably undercooked food from the cafeteria.
It sucks.

So I'm not writing tonight... because I can't really think straight right now.


My Hands smell like Pizza.

Bleh. I've had an overall kinda lame day today. Which annoys me even more because there's only 7 more school days left. I'd rather it end on a high note, and not a lame one I guess.

Anyways, I didn't really have anything planned for today. There's a couple things planned in the back of mind, but I need more time to write them, so when school is done, WATCH OUT. I sound like a broken record because I probably say that like four times per post but whever.

So... here has been my day in a convenient time line!

6:50: Wake up to Say It Ain't So.

6:55-7:25: Get ready, take shower, eat Cocoa Puffs.

7:40: Arrive at school, laugh at Dr. Acula joke.

8:45: Play Battleship in French... instead talk about A1 Steak Sauce in a Southern Black accent.

9:00: Get assigned 91 math problems from chapters I've done months ago. Does about 50 and gives up.

10:05: Talk to friends. Make my own studio audience in my head laugh at everything funny I say.

10:30: Arrive late to P.E. with Aidan because nobody ever cares.

12:30: Eat chicken sandwich and vitaminwater.

1:20: Watch Planet Earth documentary. It was EPIC.

2:30: Do almost nothing in Thee's class.

3:30: Get home, entertain dogs.

4:30: Watch Simpsons.

5:00: Eat pizza!

5:30-7:30: Do homework.

7:30-now: Sitting by desk doing nothing. Just drank a Vault though!

Thats really it.

I didn't get The Red Album today either, so just be patient for a review. Gosh.

Maybe I'll be more creative tomorrow.

...mmm pizza.

The Singer from Weezer is kind of Creepy.

I only have eight more days of school. Even though like two days ago I was just wanting it to end, I'm trying to get all that I can in now... last minute insults, high fives, and yearbook signings. Eight days. Also, three of those we get out at 12:00 and have only 25 minutes to see people during school. Eek.

Anyways, The Red Album by new-favorite band Weezer came out today.
FACT: The album cover's picture actually wasn't taken to be on the cover, but just for fun

It looks good. If you can tell that by just looking at the cover. I've only heard three of the songs off the CD (one of them just a few minutes ago, thanks to the radio!). I was going to get it today, but I guess I have to wait or something. I dunno.

But that brings me to something I was saving to talk about until today... Rivers Cuomo, the singer.

When Weezer first started things up back in '94, the band was known for having the whole geek-rock thing going with it (which is an actual category, I'm not making up words!), probably associated with Rivers looking like the kid who sat in the corner of class during high school.
Its all in the awkward pose, I guess

His glasses were probably the most recognizable thing about Weezer as a band in general, other than his near-impossible to say name (its ck-whoa-moe). I mean, what other major rock band took awkward pictures with big rimmed glasses? Despite everything, they got popular. And stuff.

But it didn't start off like that. The first few Weezer videos (and even the cover of their first album) has Rivers glasses-less. I think his first true nerd-unvieling was in the music video for The Sweater Song, which was already pretty nerdy song to begin with.

But yeah, for some reason the glasses stayed on for every video after that. And that went on for around 12 years. So, I guess everyone got comfy with Rivers' look, almost becoming the icon for the band.

But then... something bad happened.

Around 2006, after the band was done with their tour of their 2005 album and taking a break, I think Rivers had a near death experience or quite possibly converted to Scientology, because he... looks different.

Not as in "Hey, you got a new haircut!" different either. But more as in from innocent yet intense geek to a pedophile that works at Wal-Mart.
First he lost the glasses and decided to spike his hair...

...and then grew a mustache.

Its not only his new look that creeps me out though. His YouTube series Let's Write a Sawng is cool and all, letting users write a 'sawng'... but its the way he looks into the camera when hes talking that makes me cringe at night. Seriously, watch any of his videos and you'll see what I'm talking about.

But I still think Rivers is pretty awesome. I mean, don't get me wrong, even though he looks like he stands outside the grocery store waiting to say hi to little kids, he makes some of the craziest songs ever. So I forgive him.

So the moral of the story? Never talk to strangers who look like Rivers Cuomo.

When I'm able to download the new CD, I'll, of course, give you a new StickReview. I don't know how that will work though, seeing as its a CD and not a movie, but ah well. Gives me a chance to show my autistic-artistic side, I guess.


AND A NOTE: This will sound really crazy weird, but while I was writing this, I had my feet up on my desk. And sometimes when I try to move my feet, I'll move them in some weird way beyond my control and the my fool will hurt a lot all of the sudden. But this time, I moved my right foot and it hurt really badly in my little toe. So about 10 minutes later, I looked at it... and came to the conclusion that its broken. Its out of place and stuff. Sadly, that is the first thing I've ever broke besides half-braking my nose when I ran into a pole... BUT THAT'S A STORY FOR ANOTHER DAY. Ok, bye.

DOUBLE NOTE: Also, I forgot to mention that my Xbox woke up from its coma and is alive again. I have no idea why it did that, but you know. That's how things work 'round these parts.

I had a Really Intense Weekend! - also, New Mountain Dew Number 2!

So this weekend was pretty intense, and the title isn't lying. But actually it wasn't that bad. Because it started off with me going to La Mirada and eating at another of the world's best places to eat ever (and also the greasiest) on Friday night...
Fried Chicken and Pizza = YESSS

Yeah, I went to Shakey's Pizza Parlor. They make 100% greasepizza, greasechicken, and greasepotatoes. Did I mention it was greasy? But honestly, its so good. Its the best combination of food choices ever. And when you're done you always have leftovers for late-night fried chicken and pizza. And who doesn't like chicken at 2:00 am?!

The next day, I wake up and my dad tells me I have to go with him to my grandparents' house (which is like a 3 hour drive from where he lives when there's traffic) so he can help them with their will. So then, being the genius he is, remembers his car has one of those TV screens in it where you can hook up things to. So guess what he tries? Putting Rock Band and my Xbox in the car! Also being one not to over think, I was like "alright". Now guess what I see when we're on the road and we try to hook it up!
What this basically means is "Sorry, but your Xbox is f'ed up."

...So not even 5 minutes into the trip I find out that my Xbox 360 is bricked. And I didn't even know what happened, whether it was from trying to hook up a Halo-playing energy waster, or maybe because it was like 90 degrees in a hot car. But I just kind of shrugged it off after we stopped at the gas station to find THIS...

I decided to try the Revolution Mountain Dew this time. If you're cool and been following my epic Dew quest for glory, then you would have known about the three new flavors. SuperNova was freaking good. But how was Revolution?


It was alright. Just alright. No fireworks, no midgets on dirtbikes, nothing. Kind of average. SuperNova is still the supreme ruler so far. But when I try Voltage, I'll let you know. Because I love you guys like that.

Anyways, all I had to do in the car for almost three hours was try to fix a broken Xbox, drink okay Mountain Dew, chew Cinnamon Stride (which is really good, but I don't want to have to take another picture of it), and listen to Kroq. So thats exactly what I did for three hours straight!

...It kinda sucked.

And then we got there. And then guess what I did for THREE MORE HOURS?


And I'm completely serious. I sat in a chair and played with the gum in my mouth. I did almost nothing else... I ate a piece of pizza, pet their dog, and tried to fix a computer for a total of about 15 minutes. I didn't really want to complain or anything though, because I turned down wanting to go swimming by myself in some strange neighborhood. But whatever.

After all of that (and the ride back), I went to see Indiana Jones again. It was even better the second time, honestly. I noticed a crapload of things that I missed the first time around. So yeah.

Then that was the end of Saturday.

And then I wake up on Sunday to find out something HORRIBLE HAS HAPPENED.

Yup. The Universal Studios backlot was on fire. The flames burnt down the clock tower and courtyard from Back to the Future, the King Kong thing that was on the Studio Tour, and even New York Street. But thats not all! A little piece of Hollywood was lost...

...And also a piece of my heart.

And then I went back to my house to find out my cat had a stroke and that my puppy's nose almost got torn off. So that helped I guess.

But, I don't know. Other than those things, the weekend wasn't HORRIBLE. I just like to complain. Makes a good blog I guess. Because other than that I'm pretty much living a boring life while I'm still in school.

Ahhh well.

And on that note, 9 MORE DAYS LEFT OF SCHOOL. Yay! Then I can bring you quality stuff EVERY DAY OF THE WEEK.

...I can't wait =D

Arrrgh I want school to end.

I have a lot of homework to do that I should've already done this weekend.
So... I could either:

1) Write a rushed blog
2) Write nothing and wait until tomorrow to write a regular blog

So I'm going with number 2.

Once I'm out of school, none of this will ever happen again!

...k bye.