Haha, Just Kidding

I had this crazy awesome idea for a blog entry, but then I realized I just can't do it today.

I'm freaking tired.
Plus I don't have enough time to not only write the blog (which, because its awesome, will probably take a couple hours) but I still have to do homework, find something to eat (I've only had burnt waffles) and make room for some sleep (which rhymes).

So basically until summer you won't get amazingly cool things every day. Sorry. Its just how life works.

I might (MIGHT) make a new blog post that isn't too intense later tonight if I wake up (which probably won't happen, seeing as every time I've written an entry I've had to drink soda, which we're out of). But just maybe.

Until then... watch this.

...back to sleep.


Taylor. said...

Nice job. Can't wait for summer!