How to Plan an Urkel-Themed Party

Oh? Hey. I'm back. You see, I was waiting to write back with a post of why I was gone, but let's just pretend I wasn't gone because I want to write now. Mmkay? Mmkay.

So, as you may know, the 80s and 90s sitcom Family Matters is coming to Nick at Nite starting tonight. I'm psyched, because late night sitcoms are basically what MADE my summer last year (I watched EVERY SINGLE episode of The Fresh Prince last summer, from the pilot to the series finale - Nick at Nite plays them in order, so this is how I know). I couldn't go to sleep early because it was summer and that means I had to stay up. So now I have a new show to watch!

Wait, you've never heard of Family Matters? Well, you might remember one of the characters from the show...
No, this isn't a picture of Young Andrew...

Yup, him. Steve Urkel. Played by Jaleel White (the guy who voiced Sonic the Hedgehog in the 90s), he was the annoying neighbor of the Wislow family. He originally wasn't penned as a main character, but due to fan outcry and whatnot, he ultimately took over the show. Family Matters went from a show about, well, family matters to Urkel's misadventures. It's safe to say Family Matters survived nearly 10 years because of the lamewad.

Overall, the show was good and got good ratings until it's last seasons. So, come 9:00 tonight, I celebrate by watching a marathon of family antics. But, how do you plan to do this as well?

That's why I'm here. To help plan your VERY OWN Urkel-themed party!

Step 1) Invite people! Send Invites!

You've got to let people know about you're awesome Family Matters marathon. But, you want to do it with class. Sending emails? Psssh. This is an OLD sitcom. You're sending traditional party invites.

The key is simplicity here, just to tell about the party and thats it. Draw a clever picture of Urkel saying his most well known catchphrase, and thats pretty much it. Soon, all the girls in the neighborhood will want to come. Just like the Vault thing. Just trust me, I have first-hand expierence with this stuff!

Step 2) Decorate your party-celebrating area!

Get the big screen TV out. If you don't own one, run to Best Buy AS FAST AS YOU CAN and buy one for optimal Nick at Nite viewing. Also, get a boombox to play some beats so you too can do the Urkel Dance, lay out Urkel's signature red glasses, and bring a table.

Don't forget to go to Kinkos and make a lifesize cardboard cut-out of Urkel himself. That will just add to the charm! Just make sure nobody wants to dance with him after too much liquor of the night, because you know how people get at these crazy Family Matters parties.

Step 3) Make Urkel-themed cookies!

Make sure you bake some cookies with Urkel's face on them. Go to Vons, buy some frosting tubes, sprinkles, I don't know. Be creative! You can do it. But Urkel loves cookies.


And there you go! You should ready to go party and stuff. The festivites start at 9:00 PM on Nickelodeon and last to around 5:00 AM. Just remember to sign up a designated driver if you're planning on have a couple Cold Ones.

Have fun and uhhh... leave me comments on how your party worked out for you. Yeah.


I have an announcement to make. No, I'm not getting married, but I'm pleased to announce that throughout July, I'll be throwing the... get ready for it... I hope you're sitting down... its a catchy name I totally just not think of...


Every day in July (that i'm capable of doing, somedays I just won't be near a computer), you, the viewer, will get a FULL BLOWN article. Not only a "THIS IS WUT I DID TODAYZ", no! It will be about something NEW everyday, whether it be a review, an adventure, badly drawn stick figures, or something crazy I think of. Maybe a rant or two. It'll be special, don't worry!

Okay, make sure you GET READY.

...Even if it starts late because I won't be able to write at the beginning of July anyways. Sorry =D

PS: I'm not that bad of a photoshopper. geez. it was a joke.


Taylor. said...

Hey! My party is going grrreeeaaat. Like Frosted Flaaaaaaaaaakes. 'Cause they are more than good-They're GRREEAAT!

...I'm SO excited for your Jamboree!