I had a Really Intense Weekend! - also, New Mountain Dew Number 2!

So this weekend was pretty intense, and the title isn't lying. But actually it wasn't that bad. Because it started off with me going to La Mirada and eating at another of the world's best places to eat ever (and also the greasiest) on Friday night...
Fried Chicken and Pizza = YESSS

Yeah, I went to Shakey's Pizza Parlor. They make 100% greasepizza, greasechicken, and greasepotatoes. Did I mention it was greasy? But honestly, its so good. Its the best combination of food choices ever. And when you're done you always have leftovers for late-night fried chicken and pizza. And who doesn't like chicken at 2:00 am?!

The next day, I wake up and my dad tells me I have to go with him to my grandparents' house (which is like a 3 hour drive from where he lives when there's traffic) so he can help them with their will. So then, being the genius he is, remembers his car has one of those TV screens in it where you can hook up things to. So guess what he tries? Putting Rock Band and my Xbox in the car! Also being one not to over think, I was like "alright". Now guess what I see when we're on the road and we try to hook it up!
What this basically means is "Sorry, but your Xbox is f'ed up."

...So not even 5 minutes into the trip I find out that my Xbox 360 is bricked. And I didn't even know what happened, whether it was from trying to hook up a Halo-playing energy waster, or maybe because it was like 90 degrees in a hot car. But I just kind of shrugged it off after we stopped at the gas station to find THIS...

I decided to try the Revolution Mountain Dew this time. If you're cool and been following my epic Dew quest for glory, then you would have known about the three new flavors. SuperNova was freaking good. But how was Revolution?


It was alright. Just alright. No fireworks, no midgets on dirtbikes, nothing. Kind of average. SuperNova is still the supreme ruler so far. But when I try Voltage, I'll let you know. Because I love you guys like that.

Anyways, all I had to do in the car for almost three hours was try to fix a broken Xbox, drink okay Mountain Dew, chew Cinnamon Stride (which is really good, but I don't want to have to take another picture of it), and listen to Kroq. So thats exactly what I did for three hours straight!

...It kinda sucked.

And then we got there. And then guess what I did for THREE MORE HOURS?


And I'm completely serious. I sat in a chair and played with the gum in my mouth. I did almost nothing else... I ate a piece of pizza, pet their dog, and tried to fix a computer for a total of about 15 minutes. I didn't really want to complain or anything though, because I turned down wanting to go swimming by myself in some strange neighborhood. But whatever.

After all of that (and the ride back), I went to see Indiana Jones again. It was even better the second time, honestly. I noticed a crapload of things that I missed the first time around. So yeah.

Then that was the end of Saturday.

And then I wake up on Sunday to find out something HORRIBLE HAS HAPPENED.

Yup. The Universal Studios backlot was on fire. The flames burnt down the clock tower and courtyard from Back to the Future, the King Kong thing that was on the Studio Tour, and even New York Street. But thats not all! A little piece of Hollywood was lost...

...And also a piece of my heart.

And then I went back to my house to find out my cat had a stroke and that my puppy's nose almost got torn off. So that helped I guess.

But, I don't know. Other than those things, the weekend wasn't HORRIBLE. I just like to complain. Makes a good blog I guess. Because other than that I'm pretty much living a boring life while I'm still in school.

Ahhh well.

And on that note, 9 MORE DAYS LEFT OF SCHOOL. Yay! Then I can bring you quality stuff EVERY DAY OF THE WEEK.

...I can't wait =D


Taylor. said...

Wow. I'm sorry about your Xbox...
That sucks. Besides having Shakey's, you kinda had a bad weekend. ):