Happy 1st Jlogiversary.

Hey, kids. Did you know that one year ago today, the Jlog was born? Well, it was, and since then (but not so much right now) it has inspired countless hundreds to think about pointless and useless things that I find necessary to blog about. I remember like it was just yesterday...

Back in May of '08, I was but a wimpy Freshman in an English class. I had always thought about making a blog to chronicle whatever awesome things I feel like speaking or telling the uneducated about, but I never had the encouragement to start one. That is, until one day, my English teacher started to make us enter in our homework assignments on a school-run blogging system. Although that was for the most part unrelated, it just set off the spark for me wanting to write about things in my spare time. And thus, on the 24th of May, The Jlog was born, in all its lined paper and stick figured glory. So, Mrs. Gonzalez, if you're reading this somewhere, you're partly to blame for this blog. You should feel special.

Anywho. I made a birthday cupcake.

To help celebrate this huge monument in American history, I've decided to round-up the best Jlog postings over the year in my eyes. Enjoy this blast from the past!

- Vault - Its like Jesus in a glass! (May 24 2008) - This is the first article that started it all.
- New Mountain Dew is SUPERCOOL (May 28 2008) - My first brand new soda review, which has stood place in my memory for writing. Whenever I think of it, I think of Summer. I almost literally drowned myself in Mountain Dew this summer.
- STICKREVIEW: Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (May 28 2008) - My first and only "StickReview!" This Jlog lead me to be stuck in a dark room on PhotoShop for about 4 hours. No joke.
- SCHOOOOOOOOOOL'S OUUUUT (June 13 2008) - This is so unstructured that its awesome. That is all. Also, it signifys my FIRST SUMMER serving you, the reader. Or something.
- I Hate Can Openers with a Vengence. (June 18 2008) - The most widely talked about joke between my friends, family, and I once Summer was over. Good times be had that day!
- ROBOT BEARS :O (June 30 2008) - An example of how bored I got after only 17 days of Summer.
- Sit Right There, I'll tell you all about how Will Smith became the BEST GUY EVER... of Bel-Air? (July 2 2008) - A full-ledged story that I got bored with half-way through!
- Soda Jelly Beans STICKREVIEW! (July 21 2008) - Just kidding, I lied. My second StickReview. I especially love the sick drawings of Jelly Bellys I did.
- Burger King Potato Chips! (August 3 2008) - First Jlog with an accompanying video! But man, those chips gave off the grossest smell on my desk for like two days. I did it all in the name of you guys, too.
- Halloween 08: Grow Your Own Goblin. (October 12 2008) - You should've seen how many people thought I was the devil for naming that goblin Zombie Bernie Mac.
- The 1st Annual Josh Awe-Inspiring Overwhelming Magnificent Spectacularly Spectacular Awesome Awards. Of 2008. (January 3 2009) - The most hit counts on any Jlog to date! Also, the one I'm least proud of!

And for those wondering when I'll be returning to a semi-scheduled basis for Jlogs, let this be the first formal announcement - I am going to start writing again. I've had no time with my busy, busy life in the past couple months, and that also doesn't set in well with my easily procrastinated creativity banks. But, if I could do it last May 24 all the way until August, why can't I do it again?

It may not be on as large of a scale as last summer, but I will sincerely try. I've got some nice articles under my sleeve, perhaps one coming as early as this week...

So, until next time, stay classy San Diego. Also, because I know its relevant to your interests, it smells STRONGLY of ass in this room that I am in right now.

(P.S. I know, I'm still renovating the layout, that's priority number one right now!)