New Mountain Dew is SUPERCOOL.

Quick post for right now... I have a lot of homework and a report to write, so in the unlikely fact that I can't update tonight I just wanted to get a little bit of me in for you. Aren't I great? (nod your head.)

So I went over to get some food at the best place in the world when I spotted this little beauty...

A new Mountain Dew! Yesssssss. Its called SuperNova, and as described by the label, "DEW(R) With a Blast of Strawberry Melon Flavor and Ginseng (WITH OTHER NATURAL FLAVORS)". Its freaking great, which is a lot of props to my mortal product enemy.

I guess this flavor is only 1 of 3 new flavors, part of the DewMocracy contest. You have to vote for which one will stay in convience stores forever: SuperNova (this one), Voltage (raspberry citrus), or Revolution (wild berry "fruit" flavor, which I'm not exactly sure what they're revolutionizing).
Is this considered product placement? I want a check.

And just to be fair, I don't completely hate the Dew. Its just... Vault is still way better. But, unlike Vault, Mountain Dew seems to be coming up with new flavors every now and then, while Vault still only has 2, one of which isn't even sold in Ventura County anymore.

So yeah. Two thumbs up for SuperNova. Go try it and the other flavors. Whatever. post maybe later.


Taylor. said...

It sounds pretty good. Mail me a bottle. :D