Adventures to Walgreens and Burger King.

I was supposed to write about this on Sunday, but I've been slacking. So I'll just write it now (even though I'm sick)!

This weekend, my grandma decided to throw a birthday "party". She mainly just invited the family. Knowing if I were to show up, I realized the adults would only be talking the whole time. I really didn't want to go, but because I knew my cousins were coming and I could pick on them, I agreed to come.

I was there for only a couple minutes, and the only excitement I really had was locking my cousin on the balcony for maybe 10 minutes until someone let him go.
We told him there was candy on the balcony. He believed it.

After that, me and my cousin Taylor were bored. We were just kind of sitting around and after I ate a roll and my gum, she decided that we were going to go walk to the store and escape this party, because as you can tell, was getting way out of hand.

We got permission from my aunt to leave, so we did. Kyle and Hannah (the youngest) wanted to come too, but we kicked them back into the house after telling them our grandma wanted us to buy her pudding for the party (we don't really know where pudding came from, but it worked I guess). So we walked along some strange roads, and after maybe a little over a mile of taking random pictures, having guys watering plants staring at us, and passing roadkill, we found a Walgreens.
There's a TV screen over my head...

We pretty much just went inside Walgreens to take pictures and annoy strangers. We got a lot accomplished during that time, such as walking around backwards, following some lady that was caught staring at us, and even finding cheap rip-offs of vitaminwater. We even got video... but I'm waiting for SOMEONE to send it to me still.

After all of that, Taylor realized that she has never experienced drinking a Vault yet. So I reached into my pocket and realized we had $3.15 cents. We both ran over to the soda section... but found nothing. Only cheap store-brand grape sodas. I fell on the floor in dismay. But it was then what we realized what we had to do...

We had to go on a quest to find Vault.

So we quickly ran out of the store, jumped the brick wall leading to a street corner (which kind of hurt) and ran across the street awkwardly to a 76 Food Mart.

We walked in... and yet again, felt defeated.

Again we ran to the OTHER side of the road to a Shell station. We waited outside (awkwardly, of course) for the owner to open up the shop because he used to restroom or something like that. We looked at the mega-sized vitaminwaters for a few seconds... and a tear rolled down our faces as we saw nothing yet again.

Feeling like another gas station would hold Vault, she tried to convince me to go to another gas station. I felt like I had given up, and just decided to go get some crazy pictures from the distant Burger King playground. We walked over there, with Taylor running straight into the kids area. I had to get her to come back inside, seeing as the whole restaurant was staring at her because there was a huge sign saying the play area wasn't open. So we sat down, and talked about what we've done that da-


The holy grail!

That is exactly what it looks like. VAULT IN A BURGER KING SODA FOUNTAIN. Being completely honest, I flipped when I saw it. I almost screamed. We ran over there to find that it was legit. Like any Vault fan should know, it is really rare to find Vault through syrup form, let alone at all in a national chain restaurant. And I'm not going to lie. I felt like a giddy little school girl seeing Fall Out Boy in public.

Seriously. I was excited and very thankful that I had some left over money from the movies to go buy a drink.

I waited in line for a couple minutes (with Taylor filming me break dance while standing up, awkwardly of course) and when I finally got my BK cup, I was about ready to shake the cashier's hand.

So we walk over to the Vault button, and guess what happens?

Nothing comes out.

"..." we started blankly.

But! Hope was not lost! I simply waited in line AGAIN, and asked the cashier if she could go in the back to where they get the drinks for the drive-through customers and get me some Vault there. She did gladly, and we had Vault on tap at last!
It tasted even better on tap than in a can

So I guess the moral of the story is that when you go to your grandmother's birthday party, you'll find Vault at some random Burger King. Later, however, Taylor and I both got yelled at by our parents for not only missing the entire party, but forgetting to tell my dad that I was leaving in the first place.


But it was totally worth it! Here's a couple pictures from our quest...
"Networking for Women"...?

The most awkward babies' shirt ever. "What happens at Grandma's stays at Grandma's"...? That's, erm, nasty.

I heart Burger King

...I love Vault.


Taylor. said...

This is freaking amazing! Hahaha wow. Yeah I'll send you all the videos. Even though I kinda f'ed up that one video with the lady cause that one guy was just standing next to me....