My Hands smell like Pizza.

Bleh. I've had an overall kinda lame day today. Which annoys me even more because there's only 7 more school days left. I'd rather it end on a high note, and not a lame one I guess.

Anyways, I didn't really have anything planned for today. There's a couple things planned in the back of mind, but I need more time to write them, so when school is done, WATCH OUT. I sound like a broken record because I probably say that like four times per post but whever.

So... here has been my day in a convenient time line!

6:50: Wake up to Say It Ain't So.

6:55-7:25: Get ready, take shower, eat Cocoa Puffs.

7:40: Arrive at school, laugh at Dr. Acula joke.

8:45: Play Battleship in French... instead talk about A1 Steak Sauce in a Southern Black accent.

9:00: Get assigned 91 math problems from chapters I've done months ago. Does about 50 and gives up.

10:05: Talk to friends. Make my own studio audience in my head laugh at everything funny I say.

10:30: Arrive late to P.E. with Aidan because nobody ever cares.

12:30: Eat chicken sandwich and vitaminwater.

1:20: Watch Planet Earth documentary. It was EPIC.

2:30: Do almost nothing in Thee's class.

3:30: Get home, entertain dogs.

4:30: Watch Simpsons.

5:00: Eat pizza!

5:30-7:30: Do homework.

7:30-now: Sitting by desk doing nothing. Just drank a Vault though!

Thats really it.

I didn't get The Red Album today either, so just be patient for a review. Gosh.

Maybe I'll be more creative tomorrow.

...mmm pizza.


Taylor. said...

Wow. Epic day!