Top 9 Songs that Remind Me of Summer.

Good news is I'm not sick and got better already. Bad news is that I'm kind of in a really bad mood. I dunno... just been thinking about lame things. Maybe I'm overthinking. Who knows...

Well. I'll try to write this with a smile on my face.


So. Its almost summer, and as you can tell from pretty much every post I've ever written, I'm stoked.

Besides the fact that there's no school for almost three months, summer to me might not be what it means to you. See, around two summers ago was when I first started to actually listen to music, and was also the first summer that I wasn't forced to go to camp. So I basically sat at home and listened to music and stuff. It was great.

iTunes is probably the symbol of the season for myself. There are a couple of traditions, though, as well (first Vault two summers ago, and I started eating Dibs and bologna sandwiches almost every night :D), but not nearly as much as looking around for new sounds to listen to. So heres my list of songs from the past two summers that remind me of being lazy and hot weather...

#9) The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny - Lemon Demon

Two summers ago, I was obsessed with Newgrounds and so I automatically loved this song. A lot. So I downloaded the mp3 and listened to it all summer.

#8) Animal I Have Become - Three Days Grace

Also two summers ago, I sadly had nothing better to do than make YouTube music videos (which are taken off, thank you). This was requested. So I made the video and I guess the song stuck.

#7) Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger - Daft Punk

Last summer I was kind of getting into listening to techno. So it would be around 3:00 am, and I just decided I needed to blast some Daft Punk. It made me happy, I guess.

#6) The Final Countdown - Europe

Last summer, I also began to like 80s music. I think its safe saying this song alone started it.

#5) What I've Done - Linkin Park

My favorite band's new CD came out last summer. Of course I would have it on repeat like 9999 times in a row.

#4) What Is Love? - Haddaway

I still sing this everyday, but I started listening to it last summer. You probably know it if you've seen the Night at the Roxbury skits from SNL. Or that Pepsi commercial. Baby don't hurt me don't hurt me no more.

#3) Me Against the World - Simple Plan

So, you see me putting an emo song on the list. Well, two years ago that's what I was into. Me and my friend would listen to this song every single night on repeat. I hate Simple Plan now, but this song will have a welcome place in my soul.

#2) Black Hole Sun - Soundgarden

This song... oh Black Hole Sun. This came to be when me and one of my friends two summers ago would play this really lame game called Well of Souls, and he was sending me a bunch of random crap through AIM at the same time. This is the only one I kept, and because the song takes place in summer it makes it even better. I really love this song.

#1) Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen

Memories... geez. Last summer, I worked for Adventure Weeks, a day camp where we went on field trips places. On some of the days, the actual counselors (I was only a counselor in training, and there were junior counselors too) would let us ride in their actual vans instead of the hot, sweaty buses. So, one day we're in there and they asked us what we should listen to. One CIT asked for some Queen. And ... well, everytime we got let into the vans the first song to come on would be Bohemian Rhapsody. And everyone remembered the entire thing and would sing it on the way to whereever we were going. I mean, I bought a whole Queen CD just for this song. SSo I guess I can say I like it.

Sorry this post doesn't have the Josh flare like it usually does, like I said before I'm in a way lame mood. Oh well.

...And I still don't have my Red Album.


Taylor. said...

It's okay buddy. You tried your best. But it was still a good review thing.