foh evaaa

So I'm out of school for like 3 months or whatever. I start camp next week and still have to get up at around the same time if not earlier, but I guess its worth it seeing as I'll be going to the beach, some theme park, and Skating Plus every week. So I'm happy.

Also, I was supposed to get it yesterday, but just today I got my first White Gummy Bear. So how is it?

FREAKING GOOD. Me and one of my friends were just about to go see the new Hulk that didn't suck this time when we decided to just go ahead and try it now. We walked in, ordered one, and took a drink. I just stood there for a second; it was that good. I can safely say that the White Gummy Bear is not only the best smoothie at Jamba Juice, but tastes EXACTLY like a white gummy bear. EXACTLY. I don't know what they used, or how exactly white gummy bears are supposed to taste, but just trust me when I say its delicious.

Anyways, school was finished today. I'm no longer a freshman. Yesss! But, at the same time it kind of sucked because I didn't get to say goodbye to that many people today. But I forgot about it because afterwards we saw The Incredible Hulk, with along with Kung-Fu Panda and Don't Mess With the Zohan, I still need to write a stickreview to! I think I'm going to patent that word. "Stickreview".

In other news, I got the new Weezer yesterday after waiting too, too long. How is it? Well, you're going to have to wait for my review suckaaaaaaaaas.

I'm going to La Mirada this weekend, so it will be another Saturday without a blog post. Sorry.

I also think there hasn't been too many pictures in this post compared to others. Hold on... let me find some random one.-


I had a really trippy moment right now. I was listening to one of the song's from The Red Album (the new Weezer I just talked about, remember?) while I was trying to find a picture. I was just clicking the stumbleupon button to maybe find a random website, when this site came up with the top saying this:

All the world's a stage, And all the men and women merely players.

-William Shakespeare

...and right as I started reading that, the EXACT same line gets mentioned in the song.


I don't even think I need a picture anymore. I think trippy moments even out a less than colorful post.



Taylor. said...

Whoah. That was intense!

caclark510 said...

It was soooo good. I loved it!!!! I am really excited to see ya at AW all summer. Shooooot!