Un-Classified: Jamba Juice's Secret Menu!

So, I didn't have homework tonight, but I do have French finals tomorrow that I haven't started to study for yet. I'm on the brink of a B, too. But what did I give it up for? Why, to update my blog, of course!
...I have no idea what 'Jamba' means.

Anyways, you've probably been to Jamba Juice before, I assume. They're healthy, and got some nice smoothies of the fruit. That's it right? Hahahahahaha- NO.

I'd like to point to another fine food-stuffs establishment, this way, please.

Every Californian has a special place in their heart for In-N-Out, unless of course you are the devil. They serve burgers (you wouldn't tell by just looking at the sign, huh?) with only a couple menu items - Hamburgers, Double-Doubles, Fries, drinks and shakes. That's really it. But, the most "in" people know about what lies behind that... the Secret Menu.

Although not being so secret at all anymore, if you go to your friendly neighborhood In-N-Out and ask for a 4 by 4, a Neapolitan shake, and Animal Style fries, they'll know exactly what you're talking about. A x by x (replace x's with numbers) is a hamburger with whatever number of meat by whatever number of slices of cheese you want, Neapolitan shakes are milkshakes with all three flavors, and Animal Style fries or burgers are a mixture of onions, Thousand Island dressing, and pickles.

So how does this relate to Jamba Juice? Well, I've came across their very own (and well hid) Secret Menu.
FACT: This picture was only added to make this post look pretty.

So, here's what you do. Go into a Jamba Juice on a relatively busy day, and just walk up to the counter politely and ask for a White Gummy Bear. If the people working there aren't complete idiots, they should know what you're talking about. Basically a White Gummy Bear is made to taste almost exactly like a melted white gummy bear (don't worry, they don't really use gummy bears). You can also order Strawberry Cheesecake, Peanut Butter + Jelly, Starburst, Skittles, Push-Up Pop, or even Red Gummy Bear flavors. There are a few more, but I can't really confirm if they're real or not until I try them all.

How did I learn about this? Well, actually, I heard about it on the Mega64 podcast a couple weeks back, so I started asking around and sure enough, I found that it was true. Just go in and ask, maybe surprise the crowd!

I'm going to try my first White Gummy Bear tomorrow, and I'll review it when I get back. Other than that though, tomorrow I need to study a lot, because I have an Algebra final (which I'm horrible at) and a final on Romeo and Juliet (which I'm also bad at remembering).

...Two more days of school left.


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That sounds amazing.