The Singer from Weezer is kind of Creepy.

I only have eight more days of school. Even though like two days ago I was just wanting it to end, I'm trying to get all that I can in now... last minute insults, high fives, and yearbook signings. Eight days. Also, three of those we get out at 12:00 and have only 25 minutes to see people during school. Eek.

Anyways, The Red Album by new-favorite band Weezer came out today.
FACT: The album cover's picture actually wasn't taken to be on the cover, but just for fun

It looks good. If you can tell that by just looking at the cover. I've only heard three of the songs off the CD (one of them just a few minutes ago, thanks to the radio!). I was going to get it today, but I guess I have to wait or something. I dunno.

But that brings me to something I was saving to talk about until today... Rivers Cuomo, the singer.

When Weezer first started things up back in '94, the band was known for having the whole geek-rock thing going with it (which is an actual category, I'm not making up words!), probably associated with Rivers looking like the kid who sat in the corner of class during high school.
Its all in the awkward pose, I guess

His glasses were probably the most recognizable thing about Weezer as a band in general, other than his near-impossible to say name (its ck-whoa-moe). I mean, what other major rock band took awkward pictures with big rimmed glasses? Despite everything, they got popular. And stuff.

But it didn't start off like that. The first few Weezer videos (and even the cover of their first album) has Rivers glasses-less. I think his first true nerd-unvieling was in the music video for The Sweater Song, which was already pretty nerdy song to begin with.

But yeah, for some reason the glasses stayed on for every video after that. And that went on for around 12 years. So, I guess everyone got comfy with Rivers' look, almost becoming the icon for the band.

But then... something bad happened.

Around 2006, after the band was done with their tour of their 2005 album and taking a break, I think Rivers had a near death experience or quite possibly converted to Scientology, because he... looks different.

Not as in "Hey, you got a new haircut!" different either. But more as in from innocent yet intense geek to a pedophile that works at Wal-Mart.
First he lost the glasses and decided to spike his hair...

...and then grew a mustache.

Its not only his new look that creeps me out though. His YouTube series Let's Write a Sawng is cool and all, letting users write a 'sawng'... but its the way he looks into the camera when hes talking that makes me cringe at night. Seriously, watch any of his videos and you'll see what I'm talking about.

But I still think Rivers is pretty awesome. I mean, don't get me wrong, even though he looks like he stands outside the grocery store waiting to say hi to little kids, he makes some of the craziest songs ever. So I forgive him.

So the moral of the story? Never talk to strangers who look like Rivers Cuomo.

When I'm able to download the new CD, I'll, of course, give you a new StickReview. I don't know how that will work though, seeing as its a CD and not a movie, but ah well. Gives me a chance to show my autistic-artistic side, I guess.


AND A NOTE: This will sound really crazy weird, but while I was writing this, I had my feet up on my desk. And sometimes when I try to move my feet, I'll move them in some weird way beyond my control and the my fool will hurt a lot all of the sudden. But this time, I moved my right foot and it hurt really badly in my little toe. So about 10 minutes later, I looked at it... and came to the conclusion that its broken. Its out of place and stuff. Sadly, that is the first thing I've ever broke besides half-braking my nose when I ran into a pole... BUT THAT'S A STORY FOR ANOTHER DAY. Ok, bye.

DOUBLE NOTE: Also, I forgot to mention that my Xbox woke up from its coma and is alive again. I have no idea why it did that, but you know. That's how things work 'round these parts.


Taylor. said...

If your feet hurt like really bad like an uncontrollable pain- thats a Charley Horse. The singer kinda creeps me out son. o_0 I'm sorry about your toe buddy.

henrylouis16 said...

Yeah i totally agree... i liked the glasses... he looks like he is in the killers now...