French Food, Rick Rolling, and African-Americans.

So, not much inspiration for a real post today. But I'll tell you about all the random crap that I've been up to!

- Tomorrow I'm going to some French museum in Ventura on a field trip. I'm not quite sure what we're doing but the real reason I wanted to come along was to go to this fancy French restaurant afterward. And to get out of school. But mostly I just wanted some food.

We had to order in advance, and I ordered "Steak Au Poivre" (pepper steak) for my main course. It was a better choice then rooster and some raw salmon or something like that. Anyways, according to my ace investigating skills shows that Pepper Steak is in fact not French... but Chinese.

Its French food... so its probably made of snails

...I was going to delete that link saying it was Chinese when I figured out I put in the wrong thing, but I thought it was funny to just leave it. Here's what I'm really eating.

- Today I had to finish up my health report, just in case I get back from the field trip on time to turn it in. Its about child abuse. My health teacher doesn't give a crap about anything though, so I'm thinking shes going to probably read the first page and grade it on that because shes lazy. So what did I do? I made a DRAMATIC PHOTOSHOPPED COVER PAGE.
That's a broken baby bottle on the floor.... Intense...

See, I wasn't kidding by it being dramatic. I mean, I took more time on my cover page then I did on writing the frickin report. I mean, stare at it. You get from the feeling of the blank, lifeless room with a rocking horse and shadows that something bad HAS to be happening behind the scenes. And then the shattered bottle just shows that not everything is going hunkie dorie.

...Feels like your heart has been pulled out of your chest and just smashed, amirite? And no, I'm not refering to The Temple of Doom.


- Noting to myself that our health teacher just sits there all day making us take notes on videos not even remotely relating to health (...she made us watch ABC, which happened to have Oprah on), and also noting that she would probably only read the first page or so, when it got time to write the last little bit of stuff for my report, I decided to do some inside jokes.

And that inside joke happened to be Rick Rolling.
Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down

For those who haven't been to YouTube in the past 2 years, Rick Rolling is when you send a link to your friend saying something exciting like "Look what Bush did on tv LOL" or "NEW FALLOUT BOY VIDEO YESSSS!!!1" ...and instead its a video with the lovely voice of Rick Astley. While sometimes people will send links to websites that you can't get out of (like this one), to most it gets annoying very quickly (which I honestly wonder why... who doesn't love a nice Never Gonna Give You Up every once in a while??). But, knowing the lyrics, I decided to incorporate the chorus into my research paper...

-Ways to Stop Abuse Before it Occurs-
Sadly, as much as it upsets some, there are people who can't control abusing their kids due to mental issues or short temperedness. If you or someone you know ever shows signs of committing child abuse, think of a plan to stick with. Make a commitment, and maybe write this down wherever you can see it: "I'm never going to give you up, let down, run around, or hurt my precious young ones. Once these thoughts get put into action, their innocent eyes are going to cry. Also, I'll have to say goodbye, and when I told them I loved them it was all not true... And I hurt them." This can react to guilt on the mind, and keep a mental note that may just click the moment you think of abusing.

The whole paragraph sounds messed up, I know. If she asks, I'll say it was unintentional rhyming and ... I dunno, a big typo.

- Also, today in French, we got to go to the computer lab to finish up our reports. Me and my partner finished early, and so we were messing around with my friend Andrew.

Just to give some background, me and Andrew say we're black, but nobody believes us. So we do what normal black guys do... eat fried chicken and rap. (Really... we're not racist. So don't think in any way we are!)

So... me and Christina (my partner) were sending Andrew emails back and forth, and also having Andrew ask questions on Yahoo Answers. It was really funny, because he put up a question (which I can't find the link of) asking people to read and correct it. But in reality, he put up a piece of crap rhyming words with "dog", "bet", "het"(which isn't even a word), and "dead". So I answered back in the form of a rap. It was great.

But what was really awesome was later, Andrew told me to check my mail. So I logged in, and it came with a link saying "me in my younger years". So, clicking on it, this is what I got: Andrew in his prime...
Andrew was a pimp even in his elementary days

I thought it was the best email I've ever gotten. I almost fell over when I saw it. Just thought I'd share that with everyone reading...

Also, I probably won't be able to get in a post on Friday or Saturday. I'm going over to my dad's, and since he owns a PC, I can't go on it... BECAUSE ITS DEAD. Poor PCs. Haven't had one problem with my Mac, though! =D

So yeah, drink in this post while you can.

...Je voudrais une poulet-frite.

EDIT: Fixed the broken pictures.


Taylor. said...

...Hi Buddy. This was pretty good. That's an intense dinner! Also congrats on your child abuse paper! I helped you with topics! The cover looks stellar. So...err..yeah. Oh! I like Andrew's email. It's nar-nar.

or the AIM Rockband version:

Okay. That's it. Bye!