New Mountain Dew Number 3!

Okay, I have a confession. I had a huge adventure concerning Vault this weekend with my cousin, but I forgot to write about it. So its going to be a short post tonight, maybe I'll write two tomorrow.

But on Saturday BEFORE my excellent adventure, I bought the next Mountain Dew in my quest for caffeine and victory.

So, I tried Mountain Dew Voltage. Its described on the bottle as a Raspberry Citrus flavor. Upon opening it, it had a somewhat strong scent reminiscent of SuperNova and unlike Revolution. I took a drink...


It was really good! Not SuperNova great, but not Revolution mediocrity either! It was kind of like Pepsi - its not Coke, but its not RC Cola! So it comes in a close second, but my vote goes to SuperNova.

I had pictures of the bottle and stuff, but I lost them again. I need to stop losing pictures.

Thats all for today. Sorry! I have to get up early for Adventure Weeks, my summer job that has me up at the exact same time i get up for school sadly. But its cool. It'll be supercool.

...tomorrow, review and adventure!


Taylor. said...

Yeah! You do need to write about our weekend!