Soda Jelly Beans STICKREVIEW!

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I'm still alive. I've been doing science and I was still alive. While you're dying I'll be still alive. And when you're dead I'll be still alive.

...All horrible Portal references aside, I just kind of said eff it to my blog for a while. I was getting bored, basically. But now I realized that it was more boring not thinking all day about what to write in this said blog than to skip it entirely. So I'm back to stay, but with that said, I probably won't write a new a article every day. (RHYME! BOOM!)

Anyway, what I'm here for is to show you something that I've been searching for forever... the highly collectible SODA POP SHOPPE JELLY BELLY BOX.
Its gourmet.

It may really not be THAT rare in question, but just look at it. It's one of those commonly sold things that just begs to be an item that in some 20 years the average nostalgic High School Musical-generation kid has to blog about. I promise that will be the longest sentence of this post tonight.

Anyways, this container of joyous jelly beans includes six popular soda brands and flavors... Orange Crush, A&W Root Beer, Dr. Pepper, 7-Up, A&W Cream Soda, and Grape Crush. Dr. Pepper ftw, but where's my Vault flavored Jelly Belly?? Coke... pitch a meeting as soon as you get this message.

Well, let's have a little look-see now, shall we? First up, Grape Crush.

Ah, Grape Crush. The younger, less attractive sister of Orange Crush. I never really liked Grape Crush that much. It was just always kind of... there, right next to Orange.

But, alas, I sample the jelly bean. Although I don't drink the pop often, I knew that it really didn't have the zing to be called the Grape Crush soda-flavored Jelly Belly. Kind of just tastes like a sharp grape one. But... I guess it tastes good?

3 out of 5 Grape Jelly Beans

I can't say it was really too hard finding Orange Crush in a bag full of white and brownish colored beans. Upon first bite, I realize it tastes... like Orange Crush.

The difference between a Crush bean and a plain orange one is that I guess they paid attention to the sweetness of the soda. I would say it tastes sweeter. So, uh, yeah. If you've ever had an Orange Crush, you'd immediately recognize it.

4 out of 5 R.E.M.'s

Guess what time it is? Hammertime Time to be a pepper! Dr. Pepper was pretty much the flavor I only bought this box for, as when I opened it I rummaged threw the bag like a kid digs in his box of Cap'n Crunch for a Batman toy.

It took me a while to find it, but it was great. Maybe its my totally unbiased opinion from my hatred of Dr. Pepper, but this is probably the best of the box. Artificial fizz, great flavor, it's good to be a pepper. (shameless advertisement slogans two for two tonight!)

90 out of 5 Mana-mana's

I have a confession. I actually had the A&W Root Beer one before I found Dr. Pepper, but I felt the Dr. should be above it. And there's reason.

This one felt kind of bland compared to the others. I mean, its root beer flavored, it has that. But I couldn't taste as much of the nice fizz they could create like they did for Dr. Pepper and Orange Crush. Maybe it's because this bean was actually the first soda-flavored bean to hit the market, further creating other monsters. Kind of like how Gizmo from Gremlins was nice, innocent, and couldn't do crap while his evil clones could destroy the entire city and sing Snow White tunes. It's still good though... just, not EVIL GREMLINS QUALITY.

3 out of 5 Amburgers and Woot Beers

Mmmm. That was the reaction from the 7-Up jelly bean.

It actually doesn't taste EXACTLY like the soda, but you can easily detect the lemon and lime. It has a LOT of the fizz, just like the drink, which is an added plus. It has the most kick of the whole bag, hands down. Maybe it's better than the Dr. Pepper one? DR. PEPPER FOR LIFE BABY

5 out of 5 The Spot's

And lastly, the A&W Cream Soda Jelly Bellys.

Uhh... tastes like cream. Not cream soda. No fizz.


1 out of 5 Lawsuits

Well kids, there you have it. Jelly Belly Soda Pop Shop. In stores everywhere.

But, before I go, one last picture just for you:



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