Halloween 08: Pumpkin Ice Cream

Yeah, yeah, you might be thinking - when does this guy ever stop talking about (Halloween) food? Well, if you didn't learn from the last time of me saying it, you may as well get off. I like food. And I especially like festive food with added Orange food coloring. Besides, I'm sure you like food too. You only eat it everyday. Halloween should be no different, right?

Well I have something you might actually want to buy this time!

Admittedly the candy I posted about wasn't very Halloween-y (lol). Even though it was good of course, it doesn't bring out anything in particular, and you're left sitting on the table feeling like you're in any other month of the year. You feel horrible. It doesn't help any that Camarillo has been like 95 degrees the past week. Well, you're in luck today sir. Why?

Because Dreyer's Limited Edition Pumpkin Ice Cream(R) tastes like fall in an effing bowl.

I actually stumbled upon this last year, but seeing as it's only available until Thanksgiving I thought you'd want to hear about it.

It doesn't taste like pumpkin pie, which is a plus because I hate pie (cake all the way niiiiiiggs). And it doesn't even taste like JUST pumpkin either. It's a near perfect combo of pumpkin and spice. Seriously. You can taste the spiciness of it in your mouth. You may think you're eating one of those really good seasonal scented candles, but you probably aren't. Although thats probably what makes this taste so good. In that case, maybe I've developed a taste for melted wax. Hmm.

I can't really say much else about it other than it's really freaking good. Even when you eat it all, you have spicy pumpkin breath. You can't get much more festive than that... actually, if you were to eat this pumpkin ice cream in your cheap grocery store costume while watching that Charlie Brown Halloween special on ABC, I think that would be even better.

Here's what the entire thing looks like in stores if you're going to buy...
No, I don't work for Dreyer's, but I like to think I'm a very nice product endorser

Need yet another reason to pick up this stuff? It's only like $5. Come on, what else are you going to use that 5 bucks on? Your Falls Outs Boys and Panics at the Discos songs can wait, spend your hard-earned money on ice cream. You deserve it. Really!

...Yeah, I know, more pictures than content today, but hey, its not like I didn't update at all. Also check back tomorrow for maybe another update and at least a mini one.

...And yeah, I know all I've had was food so far this month, but that's all I could get my grubby hands on. Don't worry, I should have more in store... I think.

...And also, I am very much aware that there are like a gazillion That's What She Saids in this post. :)


Taylor. said...

Wow. That was a quickie.

...The article I mean =)

Kelsey said...

Okay, I want this ice cream like, now.