Halloween 08: Target Sale Toys.

During holidays, I tend to spend more money than usual. Not on gifts or anything, no. Usually on me. And that's what happened - I bought more stuff for me. But this time, its beneficial for you as well! Because you get to read about me enjoying things meant for me. And only me.


You're probably thinking "Why the lord did Josh buy a Mr. Potato Head?" Well... why not. It was only $5 and look how awesome it is. I haven't had one since I was like 5, so it gets you a little nostalgic I guess. And its even Halloween themed so that's why I present you with it today.

All it is is Mr. Potato Head dressed up for Halloween. But for what its worth, I think that's awesome.

$5 includes EVERYTHING THAT YOU SEE HERE. The original arms, hat, and feet plus Halloween themed accessories for pimpin yo Potato out.

I actually never realized why Mr. Potato Heads were even remotely fun. You build them, and then they just kind of sit there. As for me, I'm going to be the angsty teenager I am and gladly put up Senor Potato Head somewhere in my room all year round. Because I have no plans to make my room relevant anytime soon.

I had trouble making mine

So that's (probably not) what Halloween Mr. Potato looks like. Fun fun.

But wait! There's more! He comes with a ghost costume if vampires aren't your thing. And the eyes seem normal... but they also GLOW IN THE DARK. CAPS LOCK.


So that's basically it. But its Mr. Freaking Potato Head. What else were you expecting? An Etch-A-Sketch?

...You were?

Oh. Well in that case...

Halloween themed Etch-A-Sketch? You bet your sweet cheeks. There's nothing MORE Halloween than this baby right here!

A custom paint job featuring a HORRIBLY SCARY ghost? Check. GOREY BLOOD RED knobs? Check.


Uhh, perhaps I bought this more for the sake of owning an Etch-A-Sketch than for the Halloween factor. But you can't blame me! Plus, this is limited edition. So someday I can sell this on eBay for like a gabazillion dollars.

Look, I even drew a beautiful picture.

...Its supposed to be a man in a hat grinning. I kinda messed up sort of. A lot.

...This is boring. Hey, maybe you'll appreciate what I got in Burger King a couple weeks ago! A fireman dressed iDog which is apparently the reincarnation of Hitler! Happy day!

Adolf Hitler? More like ADOG HITLER. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!111111 Adorable.

Look, his evil soul even shines through his cute wittle face.

Hurray for Halloween.

PS. It may be the last day of the season (not counting Halloween itself), but I have more Halloween stuff on the way. Even after Halloween. But it'll probably be only one post. And I wasn't here for so long because I got sick and went to Atlanta. I'm awesome like that. Sorry.


Taylor. said...

This is why Halloween's the best.