Halloween 08: Buried Pomegranate Jones Soda!

I guess I would say I'm a festive person. For example, I've been counting down every single day until Christmas since the day after last Christmas. I think holidays are not only cool because it gives people an excuse to do holiday things, but because its an excuse for big money companies to cash off your love for said holiday things. Go anywhere during the month and you'll see product placement, candy, TV specials, movies, lawn decorations, soda, food, etc. It may seem that the guys who make all the stuff are just trying to get you to buy it and benefit off of your love of the day, and really that's all it really is. But you and I both know everyone loves it and is basically what makes holidays - and this case, Halloween.

And that's why I'm going to start a month-long of Halloween relevant posts with - surprise - a Halloween relevant post.

Halloween Jones Soda anyone?
Buried Pomegranate!

Its kind of a fact that everyone who's anyone has had at least one Jones Soda in their lifetime. I don't really think I need to introduce it, but if you forgot, they're the big bottles with brightly colored liquid inside and there's a wrapper with home pictures on the outside of little kids doing something dumb.

Along with the usual CRAAAAAAZY flavors (Berry Lemonade, Root Beer, Green Apple, Crushed Melon, etc.), around the later months they start selling seasonal sodas. Way back in 2003, they experimented by selling a new soda in November with a flavor simply titled "Turkey and Gravy". And yes, it really tasted like turkey and gravy. It sold so well that they've been releasing special holiday drinks for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas... but they decided to keep the Turkey and Gravy train going.

For Halloween, its a little different though - they only sell the new flavors in snack-size cans in 4 packs, but the good thing is there's 3 new flavors every year with a pun in the name. Because I'm cheap and all of my finances go towards Rock Band, I got only one (not like I needed all of them) - Buried Pomegranate.

Like all Jones Sodas, it was colorful - this time that color was pink. I don't even think anyone regularly sells pink colored soda on account of it looking really gay. Does it turn you gay if you drink it? If you're straight and drink it, does it make you throw up rainbows and tight pants? These were questions I hoped I didn't have to answer.

Besides thinking of really lame jokes, I took a drink.

And, well, it's actually really good.

It smells a LOT like pomegranate (and luckily not dirt-smelling BURIED pomegranate), and tastes like it too. There's not enough sugar or stickiness to make you feel gross either... it's no Berry Lemonade. Its pretty nice and light with no side of spewing rainbows.

As with anything Jones creates, I give it a thumbs-up. And if you're really lucky, I'll buy the other new flavors and tell you how those are too before you buy a bottle of liquidized crap. And on that note, I'll end this sadly lack of picture-filled post with some creepy picture I must have taken on accident:

Yes, I'll be updating with more awesome articles than this one but give me a break, I spent like almost three hours making the layout. No, I don't have anything better to do...

I live in Somis =/


Taylor. said...

I must try all of these flavors!