School, Red Rings, Fancy Shoes, and an UPDATE!

Ugh. Less than three days until Hell rises in the form of school. Actually, when put into a different perspective, that's 65 hours until the first bell rings for sophomore year. Only 65 hours.

I'm only a little bit anxious to get back into the swing of things like seeing friends again, but then again, so far the only class I have with the people I hang out with is French. I know I'll probably meet more people, but it kind of sucks. PLUS I need to make a decision if I want to see if I can get into an English Honors class last minute, and if I decide to do so, my whole schedule will change.

But I'm not only pessimistic! I'm Josh. I can't wait to go back to my regular, obnoxious rituals of passing the That's What She Saids left and right and making awkward moments while talking about black guys and A-1 steak sauce.

But anyways... here's a random post o' fun.



If you remember my post from a while back, you would've have known that my Xbox 360, did, in fact, die. But this time, it didn't pull a Phoenix - it's gone.

The night it passed away in it's sleep (No, I am NOT being too dramatic about it!) I went onto and registered my console so they could send me a box with the shipping and handling payed so when I got it I could send off my Xbox in that, free of charge, to the ol' repair shop. Along with that, they sent me a UPS tracking code so I could see if the guys in those big trucks were slacking on the job.

And, sadly, they are.

Uhh. What does a "special event" have to do with interfering with getting in a truck and sending me my box?! You're a postal service - why don't you just send it to a WORKING post office so they can send me it?

But no. They're making us go up all the way to Newbury Park for a BOX. So much for this being free...

They never even said what was so special about this event. What, did your building get termites and now you have a huge circus tent over the place and you can't go inside? You know what, that's not even ridiculous enough. My bets are on the workers are just too lazy to do their own freaking job.

According to the Xbox website, minus the costs it takes to ship to and fro, it takes 3-4 weeks for them to get it fixed. Which really means "screw you, we'll finish fixing it whenever we feel like it."

I'm missing Rock Band 2 for sure now.


Guess who got awesome shoes? Not you.

A couple days ago I had to come to the conclusion that I needed new clothes for school. So I went down to Pac Sun and got clothes and stuff, but the cool part of it was that I went to Vans and got some insane slip-ons to hang out with my already awesome skull ones I bought a while back. The thing was I got them for 30$ which, I think, is pretty good. Totally good.

But I couldn't live at school with just slip-ons, so I got these puppies too.

Yup, you see correctly. Black, green, and purple shoes. I'm just that awesome.


Alright, now is the time to dig your memory. Remember that time way back towards the end of school when I went on a field trip to a French restaurant and I got that pepper steak? Well, the steak was pretty okay. I thought it was alright.

But, now I'm not so sure about that answer. I could've potentially been eating mold in my food. Here's why...

So, uh, that very same restaurant I went to was on KITCHEN NIGHTMARES WITH GORDON RAMSAY, the yelling British guy from Hell's Kitchen. And at the end of the show, he didn't use any of the improvements that Chef Ramsay gave him. That worries me.


Oh, maybe a new article tomorrow or tonight. Depends on if I feel like it.


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Ew. French food.