Captain's Log: School, Week 1. Space Time...

Oh hey again. I just thought I would write a continuation for those who slightly care about how school is a-going. So this is basically how it's rolling:

Period 1 - English
I don't really like English anymore if it keeps going like this. I have Beckman, and her class is really boring. She made us do this thing about the story of our lives, including writing a poem, making a collage, and drawing a road map all on a silhouette of our heads. At least I get the chance to make jokes about Bruce from Family Guy while I'm being bored with other people.

Period 2 - World Civ
I sit by people who I never talk to at all, but other than that it hasn't been horrible. There are some people I can hang out with when we do projects or whatever, but overall I don't think it will be that bad.

Period 3 - Bio Lab
Yeah, I don't take back the most boring class ever phrase I said before. Brasted has a boring voice, and she makes us write what we're doing that day for some reason. Which I don't get why because she makes us also keep a list of assignments and the day we did them all, as well as keeping the agendas on the board all day.... Oh, and I sit by really awkward guys. Pretty much sucks.

Period 4 - Geometry
This is the class with the awkward teacher who doesn't stop stretching his legs, talking in a high and low-sound voice, and talks about irrelevant things like Olympic running right in the middle of a lesson. Uhh, what? He has a really messy handwriting too, plus with me sitting in the way back, I sometimes don't get what he's writing. For all I know he's drawing some guys running in Beijing. But, while it sucks to sit in the back, it's also an advantage as I can see out the door and into the classroom across the way, which I have friends in. So I can totally wave like the cool guy I am.

Period 5 - P.E.
P.E. sounds like it will be pretty cool. I actually have friends in this class, unlike my previous periods which is unlucky, so I'm glad. We haven't even been doing anything all week either, so I've just been able to chill and talk. But I have a military general for a teacher - he seems like he can be alright at times, but he'll screw you up if you make one wrong move. So I'm trying my best not to get on his bad side.

Period 6 - French
Ahh, French. Not my favorite subject, but my favorite class from yesteryear, as you probably know by now. This year is even more interesting - our Period 1 from 9th grade always knew we were the best class, but not like THIS. See, this period has a majority from the only other period from last year, with 5 people from my class. And, as it turns out, almost EVERY SINGLE (and I'm not exagerating!) one of them are quiet and kind of awkward. But from our class? Not so much. We're usually yelling and laughing the entire time while they watch. Our teacher doesn't really care because we're usually still paying attention (usually... *cough*), and now the others are starting to kind of lighten up. But, apparently there's a reoccuring joke in the class that I have poofy hair. But we can get into that later =P.

So yeah, there's your status report, you belly-rubbers.

I'll write an article tomorrow, promise!


Taylor. said...

....................Belly-rubbers? 0_o

...OHH. Since you said Captains'rea pirate. Arr.

Mrs. Gonzalez said...

You should have enrolled in English honors. I'm glad that you're keeping with the JLOG.