Christmas? Christmas.

I really feel like just writing something today. I've been inside the house all day, and I can almost see the walls sweating from the heat we're getting outside. Its kind of disgusting how the rest of the world are starting to pull out their winter jackets and pull the trigger on their heat lamps, but down here in California we have to devolve to shirts and T-shirts. Super gay.

Still, even with the sweat puddles that are forming in the couch, my spirits aren't coming down. And its pretty obvious why if you've gone to a shopping mall anytime recently - Its the beginning of the Christmas season. Might as well be called Christmas in July, but its starting.

I've kind of exited out Thanksgiving from my spiritual celebration calender, and nobody really looks that much forward to turkey and mashed potatoes. Okay, well, that's a lie. Because I like to eat. But I've made it tradition to listen to Christmas music bright and early in the morning before the parade starts. And then after I see Santa Claus riding a plastic sleigh at the very end and pass Macy's, I go back and listen to more Christmas music. That's just how it works in my house.

So yeah, I guess that's all I have to say. I just wanted you to realize how freaking CLOSE IT IS until Christmas. 39 days, to be exact. To put it into perspective: 8 more days, and it will be one month. One month until presents, food, and more presents. :)

...But no presents from this guy.

But don't forget! Here on the blog there'll probably be more Christmas stuff than there were Halloween stuff. One, because I like Christmas more. Two, I get lazy in October. No, I did not just make that up.


Taylor. said...

18 days.

18. DAYS.