Dr. Vaulter™!

Some of the greatest things in history were originally two great things mixed together to make one even greater thing. Peanut butter and chocolate became Reece's Peanut Butter cups. Pineapple and soft-serve machines became Dole Pineapple Whip. Marvel superheroes and Capcom superheroes went on to make Marvel vs. Capcom. Guitar Hero and Rock Band became Guitar Hero: World Tour Good things come in two, there's no doubt about it. So why wouldn't this almost seemingly no fail formula not work for possibly the best two sodas of our time - Vault and Dr. Pepper?

The quest for the ultimate Dr. Vaulter recipe has to begin sometime, says I.

So I could totally give you some crazy, funny explanation of why I thought to do tonight's article on blending two soft drinks, but I really don't. The only reason I felt like I should write about this is when I was finishing up P.E., was thirsty, and started to talk about Vault. But I secretly craved a Dr. Pepper. And... ta-da.

I waited for the drinks to get cold, and then I got some very unprofessionaly mismatched glasses to taste-test in.
FACT: Soda tastes 110% better with ice

I decided for the experiment, I'd see which combo tasted best:
- More Vault, Less Dr. Pepper
- More Dr. Pepper, Less Vault
- 50/50 Vault and Dr. Pepper

EDIT: I took a picture of how they all looked next to each other but my camera baleted it on accident. I'm a tard.

More Vault, Less Dr. Pepper: This kind of tasted weird. It was really sweet-tasting with no resemblance to Dr. Pepper and only slightly Vault citrus-y. The mix also looked light brown inside the cup, which made it look throw-up colored. Not a plus.

More Dr. Pepper, Less Vault: This one was actually normal colored (even if the picture doesn't do it justice), and you wouldn't be able to tell Vault was in it. The taste was actually pretty nice - kind of like lemon and lime Dr. Pepper. For some reason I could taste the 'kick' of Vault in this one more than the other, so its more refreshing than just Dr. Pepper but not quite as much so as normal Vault.

50/50 Vault & Dr. Pepper: I made sure to put near the exact amount of both drinks into this one, so I obviously thought this would taste pretty good. It didn't. It just tasted like sugar with more sugar... and Coke. I couldn't taste either soda and they canceled each other out. It was gross. Don't Breath This.

So the winrar is More Dr. Pepper, Less Vault. If you want to make the recipe for whatever reason, I poured in about five seconds worth of Dr. Pepper and two of Vault. But yeah, I didn't even finish the other ones - I drank all of that one.

Conclusion? Dr. Vaulter isn't that great. But I guess it was worth a try and you got a blog article out of it.

PS. I'll have announcements on stuff soon. Also, 98 days till Christmas :)


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