CD Albums!

For the past three days, I've been trapped at home with almost virtually nothing entertaining to do. I mean, there's always the option of watching movies or playing video games or something, but I'm sure a lot of people, including me, would rather waste their time productively.

So, I gave into this Internet kind-of phenomenon that has been sweeping forums and a certain imageboard for a while now. The idea is by following these steps and using what comes up, you make a CD album cover. This is what you do:

1) Go to Wikipedia and click on 'Random Article.' Whatever the title of the page is (unless it is a band's entry) will be the name of the album's band.
2) Go to Wikiquote and click on 'Random Page' as well. Choose any quote that comes on the page, but you may only use the last 3-6 words in the quote. Whatever words you find will be the name of your band's album.
3) Go to flickr and choose '[whatever amount] uploads in the last minute.' Choose the fifth picture to come up. Whatever this is, will be the album art for the cover.
4) Open up Photoshop and start constructing. You may not add any other pieces of artwork, but you are free to choose how much of the image is visible and what fonts/colors to use.
5) ???

So these are what I came up with. I thought I'd share.

Eye on Psi Chi
"Between Men & Women"

This one worked totally perfectly.

Wojiech Belon
"Farther Into Imbecily"

This one worked too. Nice elephant.

"Composing Is Not Voluntary, You Know."

Isn't it illegal to put a famous musician on another musician's album without consent?

Interpersonal Ties
"I Don't Give A Fuck!"

I imagine this as some screamo highschoolers' attempt at a punk album. I don't like the cover that much either.

Mountain High
"Take It From Me!"

This was the first one I made. I like it - just wish I saved it as a bigger picture.

Trinidad Zaachila
"There's A Million Things Down There!"

I thought this one looked the most professional even if I was too lazy to straighten all of the letters.

So, uh, ta da.

Back into being a hermit.