Welcome to the Jlog 2.0.

Yes! The day has come!

To commemorate the second summer of the Jlog being available to your eye holes, I present to you the JLOG 2.0.

Well, it may not be THAT epic, but there's a new layout thats easier to read and stuff. I spent a couple days working on this basically from scratch, so YOU BETTER APPRECIATE IT MONKEYS.

In the top left corner, you'll notice a little "Beta" sign as well. It's there because I'm going to be making sure things look smoother and nicer for the next couple days or even weeks. We'll see how long it takes until I like it! Expect changes or things to go wonky while the sign is up.

So. Now that I finally finished the new look, I'll have time for some articles in the distant future. Keep your ears (and eyes) open!


Anonymous said...

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